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POSITION :   President and Chief Engineer



      -Project and system management
        -Video Engineer

-Analog Engineer
-Video Consultant
     -Interface of analog and digital circuits along with mechanical design.
     -"Black Box" system design, block diagrams, input and output parameters
     -Analog design from DC-150MHZ
     -Digital design using TTL, CMOS, MHTL, HC, AC, FAST, FACT, FET,
             -Switching power supplies
             -Interface of analog and digital circuits with software driven microprocessor control
             -Phase lock loops, analog amplification + power drivers into coaxial lines
             -Time + distance measurement using video, analog + digital techniques
             -Reliability studies of analog + digital circuits and systems
             -Cost reduction of analog + digital circuits and systems
             -Analog + digital systems design and evaluation
             -Servo design integrated with digital and analog circuits
             -Analog + digital design to military specs and procedures
             -Automated control of machines and VTR's
             -Design of video circuits, monitors and systems
             -Modification of current products to meet new specifications
             -Design of CCD color and monochrome video cameras
             -Closed circuit industrial and military video
             -A to D and D to A video conversion
             -Fiber Optic transmission of video signals
             -Development and writing of proposals and specifications to customers and the government


2001-2007  Continued production, engineering and re-design of military video multiplexers. 500 built to date.  Design of a CCD “lipstick” color camera. Design of a board size color camera. Design of gen-lock for infra-red camera for military use.

2000 Design of a RS-232 controlled zoom lens integrated with a CCD camera.  Design  of  an  RS-232  controlled camera and zoom lens  with smart buttons for  US Government using 3-chip CCD .

1999 Design of a crosshatch generator for an industrial customer. Continued production  of video multiplexers including re-designs for obsolete parts.

1998 Design a new video camera and monitor for Navy Warfare center.  Continued production of video multiplexers for Navy/Air Force

1997 Design of a new prototype high-speed video multiplexer for the Navy  Seawolf  submarines.  Redesign of Navy video multiplexer to meet new requirements.  Rebuild 100 units and build new units.

1996 Designed and built 200 units of a specialized video multiplexer for the Navy/Marine bombing ranges.  Provided high-resolution monitors and VCR's for the same program.  Provided digital video components for the Pentagon.  Investigated a new design for an infrared camera system using an existing system as the baseline.

1995 Received a contract to design and build video multiplexers and to provide Vcr's for the worldwide Navy/Marine bombing ranges.

1995 Received a contract to build a video system for a Russian nuclear reacter building.

1994 Designed and built 120MHZ 8X4 RGB video switchers and relay switch boxes for the Navy underseas program

1994 Redesigned a single CCD military color video cockpit camera to meet customer specifications.  The camera is being used to assist in the navigation/control of an unmanned F-104 fighter used in a drone program.

1993 Designed interface electronics and the electronic concept for a three dimensional television camera and built five prototype cameras.

1989-1993  Leader of the design team for the 3-CCD prism block broadcast color video camera for the Nasa Space Station. This included complete design and production of the camera, including parts to a very stringent specification.  This camera will be used in the interior of the Space Station, and will yield high resolution color video, for use on the Space Station as well as transmission to earth for Nasa and television network use. Interface with customers Boeing and Nasa on the camera, as well as other proposed products to Boeing and Nasa for use in the Space Station video system. These included time base correctors along with split screen presentations, VTR's and monitors.

1989 Designed, specified and controlled production for SVGA monitors and other computer products.

1987-1989 Designed a video camera for a pixel output to be read directly into a computer, preserving the pixel information. This camera operated at 14.3 MHZ, which provided excellent resolution into the computer, and allowed the computer to access each pixel, so that analysis could be done on the camera information.

1986-1987 Worked on a color video military cockpit flight display, designing the video, deflection, and automatic-test sections of the display. I also wrote various sections of a technical proposal for the cockpit display to the customer.

1986 Completed the design, installation and checkout of a new video facility with four VPR-80 Ampex VTR's, an ACE editing system, editing room and all the related equipment.

1985-1986 Designed an infrared laser illuminated video system for covert night time observation, using an intensified laser strobed video camera, with excellent resolution and elimination of distance related unwanted signal.

1984-1985 Designed and developed a Quality Control micro- measurement system for the aluminum can industry, to measure dimensions of aluminum cans and transfer the information to a computer.

1983-1984 Designed an OCR reader for mail pieces.  This unit converted the analog image into a high speed parallel digital output for computer analysis of the mail pieces.

1979-1983 Developed a system to protect program material on video tape so further copies cannot be made by a purchaser of the tape.

1982-1983 Designed and installed the complete television system for the Assembly of the State of New York.  This system provides for electronic voting of the Assembly and information and data throughout the Assembly.

1979-1983 Designed and built entire videocassette duplication systems for manufacture of pre-recorded video tapes.

1979-1980 Designed and developed the Automatic Videocassette changer for automated insertion and extraction of videocassettes from a VTR.  A patent was issued.

1975-1977 Designed video and television equipment for the NASA Space Shuttle to military specs.

1977-1993 Consulting work for many major corporations, evaluating current products and design and development of new products.  Designs include mechanical interface, analog and digital circuits and systems design and interface.


Development of the Automatic Skew Corrector and Automatic Tension Controller has allowed CATV and MATV systems to use the 3/4U videocassette player and recorder with long time constant American TV sets, typically used by the homeowner.  A patent has been issued for this development.

Investigated high-resolution TV systems, using the NTSC system as well as new line scan systems

1968-1972 to C.B.S. LABS STAMFORD, CT

As section head of recording systems in the E.V.R. technology group, my primary objective was to design and supervise construction of an electronic electron beam recording system, using TV video as the program source.  This involved supervising 25 engineers and technicians and included all engineering design of the system such as video, digital, vacuum technology, film technology and mechanical control of the system.

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